1.What kind of games impressed us? Notable titles have been Parodius, Deathsmiles, Sky Force, Metal Slug series and Mega Man series.

2.What kind of games appeal to us? A world-wide best shooters. Classic gameplay, with modern design. A good game, but more than a game.

3.How did we create the game? Think different, design different. Iteration of design the game. Grow with our global users.


We class our game as a ....? A sideways scrolling shoot 'um' up, that fits into the shooter and action genres. This genre has had many classics in its time and appeals to a wide audience. We believe what is missing, is a classic title on the mobile platforms and our aim is to create one.

The game is set on the strange world of Pandora. Your adventurer has travelled to this uncharted land to explore the planet and its strange creatures and to learn more about what happened here.

An absurd and quirky art style with lashings of humour running through the middle of it all. Lots of unique characters each with their own personalities and crazy attacks. The fun style of the game appeals to a wide age range and all genders.

We designed this to be easy to 'pick up and play' for the casual game player out there but also with enough depth and challenge to appeal to the more experienced gamers as well. Gameplay is focused on pace and enjoyment but with an adaptive difficulty setting built in that is designed to be more challenging the better you become.